440 registration instructions

1.       Go to the SPAN 440 – Theory and Methods in Teaching Heritage Speakers page.

2.       All students will need to create a new username on the UIC EC website. To do so, select one of the summer courses and click “Register today” at the bottom of the course page where you will be taken to a page to create an account as a first-time user.
A temporary PIN will be sent to your email address. You will need this to activate your account. You can also call us at (312) 355-0423 if you need assistance with your login.

3.       Once your account has been activated, click on the link “Start New Application,” which will appear in the middle of the Application Management Page. Then select "For Credit Courses" from the drop down menu.

4.       Fill out your application information including what college (Liberal Arts and Sciences) and course you are enrolling in. If you have not earned a bachelor’s degree you will take this course for 3 credits, so select 3 credits when prompted. If you have a bachelor’s degree you will take this course for 4 credits, so select 4 credits when prompted.

5.       Select “Continue”.

6.       Select debit/credit as your payment type and fill in the prompts to submit payment (enrollment requests cannot be processed without payment.)

7.       In place of your signature, please type your full legal name. Select “Confirm”.

8.       Review your application to ensure that all of the information is correct. When you have completed the review, select “Submit Application”.

9.       Follow steps 3-6 for the other courses you need to register for.

​​​​​​Please feel free to e-mail Jessica Eisenbeis at extendedcampus@uic.edu or to call (312) 355-0423 if you have any questions.