Resources for teaching Spanish as a heritage language

Here are some resources for teaching Spanish as a heritage language.

University course

Spanish 440, "Theory and methods in teaching heritage speakers."  University of Illinos at Chicago, Fall 2014.  Tuesdays 5:00-7:45 pm.


Online resources

Teaching Heritage Languages: An Online Workshop.  Eight self-paced online tutorials designed for teachers of world and heritage languages.  Free access after signing up for a free account.

REACH: A website with several excellent modules relating to the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking countries, as well as Hispanic culture in the US.

SNS teachers networking site:  This is a fantastic & free online community where you can interact with other SNS teachers. 

El Lexile Framework for Reading asesora el nivel de lectura de los alumnos, tanto en inglés como en español. 

A writing rubric, in Spanish, from the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory:

Spanish spellchecker workshop.  An MS Word document that helps students learn how to use a Spanish spellchecker.

Spanish language arts standards from WIDA:

Un folleto del Center for Applied Linguistics, titulado "Why start and maintain an SNS program?"

Fundamentos de la enseñanza del español a los hispanohablantes en los EEUU.  K. Potowski, 2005.  Resume los puntos principales sobre la enseñanza del español a los alumnos de ascendencia hispana en los Estados Unidos. Presenta un breve panorama de los principales grupos hispanos en los EE.UU., detalles sobre los conocimientos lingüísticos y necesidades académicas de estos alumnos y principios y aproximaciones pedagógicas concretas.

A debate about the term "Spanglish": 



For teachers

Potowski, K.  (2005).  Fundamentos de la enseñanza del español para hispanohablantes en los EE.UU.  Arco Libros. Potowski_Arco_scan.pdf

Beaudrie, S., Ducar, C. & Potowski, K.  (2014).  Heritage language teaching: Research and practice.  McGraw Hill. Flyer_teaching_HL_feb2014.pdf

For students

The Center for Applied Linguistics' annotated bibliography of high school and college SNS texts.  This was last updated in 2001, so a few newer texts are not included, such as Conozcámonos and Sí se puede

Table of Contents for college SNS textbooks:





Manual de gramática y ortografía 





 Table of Contents for high school SNS textbooks:








Students use an online platform and other tools to create, share, and discuss information collected in Hispanic neighborhoods near them. Often includes profound reflections of the shared cultural, linguistic, sociopolitical and historical experiences between distinct regions of the United States.  


Curriculum for K-8 Spanish as a heritage language

Article published in Hispania about this curriculum: Hispania_2008_Potowski_etal.pdf

Click here for the actual "learning scenarios."


Spanish Saturday school in Chicago for kids




March 7-8. 2014: The National Heritage Language Resource Center Conference

November 21-23. 2013: ACTFL.  The annual ACTFL meeting has several sessions of interest to SNS.   These are usually practice/teaching oriented.  In particular, ACTFL has a Special Interest Group for teaching Spanish to Native Speakers.

February 21-22, 2014: Texas Tech University's inaugural symposium on Spanish as a Heritage Language



Spanish in the U.S. (odd-numbered years).  2015: New York City.  2013: McAllen, TX.  2011: Davis, CA.  2009: Miami, FL).  Usually research oriented, but there are often practical sessions for teachers.

The National Heritage Language Resource Center has many resources in addition to a yearly week-long institute.  
Yearly summer institute:  The 2013 Institute was held at the University of Illinois at Chicago from June 17-21, 2013.  This event is a combination of research/theory and practical sessions for 

Brochure: "Why start and maintain a heritage speaker program"

Produced by the Center for Applied Linguistics.  Concise, in English, useful for administrators.  CAL_sns_brochure.pdf



"Content based instruction" NIESHL_2014_content_based.pptx

 "La enseñanza de español a los hablantes de herencia," Instituto Cervantes N.Y., 22 marzo 2014.  Potowski_Cervantes_2014.ppt

"Teaching Spanish to heritage speakers: Pedagogical and administrative considerations."  Arizona State University, 3rd annual conference on Hispanic & Lusophone Linguistics.  Potowski_ASU_2014_2.ppt