Spanish in the U.S. 2009 - Miami, FL


This conference took place from February 19-23, 2009, in Miami/Coral Gables, FL. The paper I presented, titled "Quinceañeras: Hybridized tradition, language use, and identity in the U.S.," explores the use of Spanish in the enactment of quinceañeras (celebrations for Latina girls turning 15 years old) in Chicago. My colleague at DePaul University, Lourdes Torres, presented work on codeswitching that she & I are conducting among Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and MexiRicans in Chicago. Read more to see what our graduate students at the University of Illinois at Chicago presented.

Several of our graduate students in Hispanic Linguistics at UIC presented at this conference as well:

Clara ("Bicho") Azevedo: "Heritage Spanish writing: The potential of MLUs to measure proficiency."
Lillian Gorman: "Language recontact between second and third generation Latinos and recently arrived immigrants in Chicago."
MaryAnn Parada: "Spanish and Swedish in contact: Transfer in adjective placement."
Jason Sarkozi: "Dámelo crispy: Language accommodation in drive-through service encounters."

Also joining us was Monique Tippins, currently in her senior year at the University of Arizona. She presented on a project she completed during Summer 2008 when she came to UIC to work with me in the SROP program. It is titled "Bilingual Greeting Cards: Perceptions of Cultural and Linguistic Authenticity."

We certainly were glad to escape the cold for a few days.

A final note of interest: UIC's Department of Spanish, French, Italian & Portuguese hosted this conference in 2005. It takes place every two years. Last I heard, the 2009 event will be in Tucson, AZ, but I will confirm.