Paria Canyon

Paria canyon is a remote canyon wilderness area that spans from Southern Utah into Northern Arizona.  It is probably the most spectacular slot canyon formation in the world and makes for an incredible 5(ish) day hiking adventure.

There are no facilities along the route, no cell signals, and no established trail in many areas. Access to fresh water is limited to springs encoutered along the way.

The route begins in a slot canyon called Buckskin Gulch and then empties into the slightly-wider Paria Canyon. The narrows of Buckskin Gulch can be just a few feet across and hundreds of feet tall, and extend for 12 miles.  After the narrows, the canyon opens into a winding river basin with spectacular views and numerous river crossings.

Starting from the Wirepass trailhead and finishing at Lee’s Ferry, where the Paria river empties into the Colorado river, the hike is approximately 44 miles long.


A map of the region:


Photos from previous trips


Flickr photos from the album Paria 2012 by Clifford Meece


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Flickr photos from the album Paria 2014 by Clifford Meece