Dual language

The American Association of Educational Research has a Special Interest Group on Bilingual Education. In February 2019 they gathered the commentaries of 13 scholars about translanguaging in dual language classrooms. You can read them here.


What is dual language education?


June 8, 2019: The University of Illinois at Chicago hosts the first statewide Summit on Dual Language Education.

September 2016: The Association for Two-Way and Dual Language Education (ATDLE) recently urged a group of us researchers to write a letter to the Tucson School District. Here's my letter.

UIC seminar, Dual language education: Linguistic and educational outcomes taught by Dr. Kim Potowski


News articles:

An interview with Dr. Kathryn Henderson about what to keep in mind when implementing dual language programs


Dual-language programs benefit disadvantaged black kids, too, experts say: http://hechingerreport.org/dual-language-programs-benefit-disadvantaged-black-kids-experts-say/ 


Omaha Public Schools, 2016
"School success inspires North Carolina to push for dual language" (2014)
"New study shows benefits of two-way, dual-language education", Houston (2015) 
"Portland immersion students become better readers" (2014)
"Students learning English benefit more in two-language instructional programs than English immersion" Stanford Univeristy (2014)
"Study Suggests Early Learning in Native Language Can Help English Skills" (2016)

Videos and documentaries:

Speaking in tongues, a 60-minute documentary that "Offers a powerful vision of what bilingualism looks like."

Kim Potowski giving a presentation to parents in Spanish.

Other videos

Nice cartoon in Spanish describing dual immersion


Research articles:

A Summary of the Importance of Dual Language Learning for Native English Speakers Prepared by Dr. Diane Tedick, University of Minnesota, 2010
"Dual language education: A promising 50-50 model" (2005)

Dual Language Education Programs: Current State Policies and Practices (U.S. Department of Education, 2015)


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