Dual language

What is dual language education?


The American Association of Educational Research has a Special Interest Group on Bilingual Education. In February 2019 they gathered the commentaries of 13 scholars about translanguaging in dual language classrooms. You can read them here.

June 8, 2019: The University of Illinois at Chicago hosts the first statewide Summit on Dual Language Education.

September 2016: The Association for Two-Way and Dual Language Education (ATDLE) recently urged a group of us researchers to write a letter to the Tucson School District. Here's my letter.

UIC seminar, Dual language education: Linguistic and educational outcomes taught by Dr. Kim Potowski

News articles:

An interview with Dr. Kathryn Henderson about what to keep in mind when implementing dual language programs


Dual-language programs benefit disadvantaged black kids, too, experts say: http://hechingerreport.org/dual-language-programs-benefit-disadvantaged-black-kids-experts-say/ 


Omaha Public Schools, 2016
"School success inspires North Carolina to push for dual language" (2014)
"New study shows benefits of two-way, dual-language education", Houston (2015) 
"Portland immersion students become better readers" (2014)
"Students learning English benefit more in two-language instructional programs than English immersion" Stanford Univeristy (2014)
"Study Suggests Early Learning in Native Language Can Help English Skills" (2016)

Videos and documentaries:

Speaking in tongues, a 60-minute documentary that "Offers a powerful vision of what bilingualism looks like."

Kim Potowski giving a presentation to parents in Spanish.

Other videos

Nice cartoon in Spanish describing dual immersion


Research articles:

A Summary of the Importance of Dual Language Learning for Native English Speakers Prepared by Dr. Diane Tedick, University of Minnesota, 2010
"Dual language education: A promising 50-50 model" (2005)

Dual Language Education Programs: Current State Policies and Practices (U.S. Department of Education, 2015)


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