DL summit

The University of Illinois at Chicago held a statewide summit on dual language education on SATURDAY, JUNE 8 from 10:00 am-1:00 pm.

We chose the University of Illinois at Chicago because it is located closest to the greatest number of dual language programs in the state.

This event was generously co-supported by the Polish Studies Program at Loyola University Chicago, the American Reading Company, and Dual Language Education of New Mexico

We expect to release a report by December 2019.



  9:30-10:00     Arrival: coffee, light breakfast
10:00-10:05     Welcome, Dr. Kim Potowski. Introduction of Dr. Jaumont
10:05-10:55     Talk by Dr. Fabrice Jaumont, author of The bilingual revolution
10:55-11:00     Instructions for Discussion Groups
11:00-11:20     Discussion Groups 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d
11:25-11:45     Discussion Groups 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d
12:00-12:40    Presentation by Dr. Emily Townson, American Reading Company (sponsor of breakfast AND a free book for all attendees!)
12:40-12:50    Raffles: (1) Three $25 Visa cards for those who traveled over 25 miles today (2) Copies of Dr. Fabrice Jaumont's bookThe bilingual revolution
12:50-1:00     Wrap up

PayPal account to buy Dr. Fabrice Jaumont's bookThe bilingual revolution at the discount price of $16 and take a copy home from the conference: business@calec.org


UIC courses

UIC degree programs

Courses can be taken as a "non-degree" student and then transferred to a graduate program.

Fall 2019:

Span 427, Language policy and cultural identity

Span 507, Bilingualism. We read chapters from this (see syllabus for complete reading list).

In the near future:

Teaching Spanish to heritage speakers - coursework can be focused on K-8.

Dual language linguistic & educational outcomes, seminar taught by Prof. Kim Potowski


M.A. in Teaching Spanish

M.Ed. in Language, Literacies, and Learning

Ph.D. in Literacy, Language, and Cultures

We are exploring creating an M.Ed. in Dual Language Education!! Roosevelt University has a marvelous program.


Other resources about dual language here