Linguistic repression in the USA

On this page, I upload cases of what can be considered language-based discrimination, repression, and violence that have taken place in the USA.



Students in New Jersey walk out over teacher's comment to "speak American" (2017): 

Kentucky woman berates Latina shopper (2016): 

Idaho bus driver fired for pouring water on 8th grade boy, telling him to speak English (2016):

People removed from airplanes in the U.S. for speaking Arabic (2016):


Two Asian-American university students attacked for speaking Mandarin on train (2016):


Student Suspended for Speaking Native American Language (2012)


Nevada school district bans Spanish on the bus (2008):,magico&displayColumn=created&displayCount=1


NJ high school bans foreign languages:,jersey&displayColumn=created&displayCount=1


Minnesota Woman Brutally Assaulted For Speaking Swahili In Applebee’s (2015):


Student suspended for speaking Spanish in a Kansas City school hallway (2005):


Fined in Dallas for not being able to speak English (2009):


Texas judge threatens to take daughter away because mother speaks to her in Spanish (1995):


Whole Foods workers in Albuquerque suspended for speaking Spanish (2013):


Sephora employees: Hired for speaking Spanish, fired for speaking Spanish (2003):